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Safeguarding Work Away


Travel risk experts place high importance on how individual factors may impact on travel plans. Personal characteristics, levels of experience and other people are all elements that could have a positive or negative influence your work/study away. Taking these factors into consideration should be done to ensure that you have consciously considered in advance all aspects of work away including any personal factors that may put you at higher risk within your proposed location or in carrying out planned activities.

You should check the local laws and customs section of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel Advice for the location you will be visiting and determine whether your gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation or other factors may make you more vulnerable in this area than others. The Local laws and customs section within these pages also offers useful information about what to include in the hazard table of your risk assessment.

You should consider any pre-existing medical conditions and support that you require in Cambridge and whether these could be exacerbated by the work that you are proposing or the location you will be in. See Health section for further guidance.

If you have personal factors that may significantly increase the risk of illness or accident to you or others during your proposed work away, even following adjustments, then you are strongly encouraged to disclose these. Your health is important; providing honest information to the University can help you to get the support you need and ensure that your plans are appropriate for you.

As in Cambridge, your College is in place and are available to support your wellbeing needs should you need to discuss specific difficulties that you may be facing at the planning stage or during your work away.