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Safeguarding Work Away


STEP 1 – Receive notification of a submitted risk assessment

You will receive an email to your University account notifying you if a traveller has sent a risk assessment for you to review.  You can also see risk assessments assigned to you within the Review Submissions section after logging into Foresight.


STEP 2 – View and read the submitted risk assessment

Click on the red 'Assess' button next to the risk assessment to open the submission.  You will be able to see any notes from the traveller in the Messenger box.  Each section of the submission is listed on the left hand side of the page.  Open each one in turn to review it.  As you go along if you wish to mark parts of the submission for feedback to the traveller you can uncheck the green tick at the right hand side of each element in that section.  This changes the green tick to a red warning triangle and will make that section editable by the traveller when you return it to them.  To add comments and explain your feedback, enter notes in the Messenger section and press Send to save them in the submission.


STEP 3 – Review the Threat Assessment

The Threat Assessment gives the overall risk rating for the trip across a number of key factors.  For trips which are entirely Insignificant, Low or Moderate risk, these can be approved by the departmental approver.  Trips with aspects at High risk can also be approved by the departmental approver.  Trips with any aspect at Extreme risk must be referred to SARAC, but departments may refer any risk assessment to SARAC if they would like further advice and guidance to inform their review.


STEP 4 – Make your evaluation

Once you have reviewed the risk assessment, go to the final section, Evaluation.  You have four options:

  1. Feedback required – when you have requested feedback and amendment in your review of the risk assessment and wish to send this back to the traveller to make changes.
  2. Decline – when you wish to withhold approval of the risk assessment.
  3. Approve – when you are content with the risk assessment and no amendments are required.
  4. Escalated to Account Manager – to refer the risk assessment to SARAC.

You can send the risk assessment back and forth between approver and traveller as many times as necessary until the approver is content to approve it.  Don’t escalate Extreme risk assessments to SARAC until any feedback you have requested from the traveller has been completed.