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Safeguarding Work Away


*The information found on these pages is comprehensive but may not be exhaustive.


General Travel Advice:

Safety Office travel tips including - safety and security, medical issues, vehicles, accommodation safety, female travel safety, terrorism safety checklist

USHA Health & Safety in Fieldwork and Travel Guidance

Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel Advice (country specific)

Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel Abroad Advice (general)

Travel Aware Campaign

British consulates and embassies


Travel Oracle Healix - travel risk management experts:


Web guidance

App guidance


Travel Health & Wellbeing:

NHS Fit for Travel

World Health Organization

MASTA Travel Health

University of Cambridge - College pastoral support

University of Cambridge - Student Wellbeing

University of Cambridge - guidance on harassment

University of Cambridge - DRC guidance for students travelling

University of Cambridge - DRC guidance for staff reviewing student travel


Study & Work Specific:

Social Research Association; Safety Code, Code of Practice, other publications

British Mountaineering Council

Medical Elective


University Travel Insurance